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About Volunteer Onslow

Volunteer Onslow is THE place for volunteerism in Onslow County.  We work with a variety of agencies across the county to discover their needs, and we fill those needs with willing volunteers from the community.  Sign up, GET CONNECTED, and start volunteering TODAY!

United Way is committed to recruiting one million volunteer readers, tutors and mentors. It takes 12 years to create a student who graduates or who drops out, but during that time:

VOLUNTEER READERS can help ensure children can read well by 4th grade, when they will start using their reading skills to learn;

VOLUNTEER TUTORS can help prepare students for a successful transition into middle and high school and be ready for new challenges; and

VOLUNTEER MENTORS can help prepare high school students for college or work.

United Way is seeking one million people just like you to join us to help children success in school. Anyone with a passion and commitment can help a young person achieve greater academic success.

Thank you joining United Way of Onslow County in doing their part for our community. Change won't happen without you.

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